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2018 Annual Meeting

Laclede Electric Cooperative (LEC), celebrating its 80th year in business, held its Annual Meeting on August 24, 2018 at the Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon. Members voted for the cooperative’s Board of Directors and heard reports on the Cooperative’s operations and financial performance.

The following LEC members were elected to serve on the Board for three years: Brenda Nutter from District 1; Darrel Bishop from District 2 and Randall Little from District 3. A total of 1,067 members registered and approximately 2,700 people attended this year’s Annual Meeting.

Before the business meeting, attendees were entertained by the high energy Retro Rock and Country Band, Super RedHawks, which featured their original “Willie Wiredhand” song.

In his remarks, CEO/General Manager, Marc Roecker, took a moment to talk about what it was like in rural areas before electricity; referencing lighting, cooking, heating, entertainment and setting poles. “Of course, so much of our entertainment today, whether it comes from the TV, radio or computer, depends on the kilowatt-hour that LEC provides. Just think, there would be no smartphones or cell phones if not for electricity.”

Laclede Electric Cooperative has implemented several programs and services to better serve members. During his report, CEO Marc Roecker highlighted the cooperatives Level Budget Billing, SmartHub as well as the new Pre-pay Program. Roecker also stated that LEC’s residential rate is lower than 9 out of 10 electric cooperatives in the U.S.

The students selected to represent Laclede Electric Cooperative on the Annual Youth Tour to Washington, D.C. and Missouri Cooperative Youth and Leadership Experience were brought on stage and recognized by everyone in attendance.

Each registered member received an attendance prize and was eligible to win prizes in drawings held throughout the evening. In the grand prize drawing held at the end of the business meeting, five members won a $100 credit on their electric bill, two members won an iPad Air and one lucky member won a 65-inch Television.

Children ages 4 -12 enjoyed inflatables, games, movies and crafts in the kid’s area hosted by the Lebanon Family YMCA. Three parents who brought their children to the Annual Meeting and registered for the drawing won a $100 Wal-Mart gift card.

We would like to thank all our members who attended this year’s Annual Meeting and look forward to seeing you next year.


The detailed election results were:

District number 1

Brenda Nutter             601

Stan O’Daniel             112

Vincent Finelli             144


District number 2

Darrel Bishop              512

Karen Miller                 360


District number 3

Randy Little                548

Bruce Barton              324

Absentee Ballot

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