Budget Billing

Laclede Electric Cooperative offers its members a Budget Billing Program.¬†Each month’s budgeted payment will be based on the current month’s revenue averaged with the previous 11 month’s revenue.

To qualify, a residential member must:

  1. Apply for and be approved for Budget Billing;
  2. Have been served by LEC at one or more locations for the previous 12 consecutive months;
  3. Agree to remain on Budget Billing for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.

The member will be removed from budget billing:

  1. For disconnection of service for non-payment of the energy bill;
  2. Upon request by the member after completing the initial 12 consecutive month participation requirement.

Upon being removed from Budget Billing, the member will pay any remaining balance in accounts receivable or will be given credit for payments exceeding accounts receivable. A member will not be allowed to participate in Budget Billing for a period of 12 months after disconnection for non-payment of energy bill, or after voluntarily terminating Budget Billing.