New Construction

Please note that electric service will not be established until a Customer Service Representative contacts you.

To establish electric service at a location where no electric service has previously existed:

  1. Fill out and submit a Request for New Construction 
    1. A customer service representative will contact you within two business days to begin the official Application for Membership process.
      1. Request for Electric Service  
  2. Provide a copy of your Photo Identification
    1. Driver’s license, military, passport or state issued identification card.
  3. Complete Right-of-Way Easement 
    1. Must contain a complete legal description of the property
    2. Signatures must be notarized
      1. Right-of-way Easement
  4. Complete Security Light Agreement (if one is desired at the location)
    1. Security Light Agreement
  5. Pay membership fee and deposit. 
    1.  Deposit Policy
  6. Meet with a Laclede Electric Staking Technician onsite
    1. Routing of service, construction, location of meter loop and necessary easement will be discussed.
    2. Staking Technician will calculate cost to build service
      1. Line Extension Policy
      2. Specifications and Illustrations
  7. Accounting Department will send an invoice
    1. Member must send required paperwork and invoice payment to Laclede Electric Cooperative.
  8. Right-of-Way needs to be cleared by member
    1. Underground Ditch to be furnished to LEC specifications
      1. Right-of-Way Requirements
      2. Ditch Specifications
  9. After all required documentation is completed, fees and deposit are paid service will be established in your name and a Work Order will be issued to construct your new service. 
    1. An inspection will be required for all temporary services converting to a permanent service.