New Construction

To establish electric service at a location where no electric service has previously existed:

  1. Contact a Customer Service Representative during regular business hours (M-F: 8:00 – 5:00) to begin the Application for Membership process.  
    • Camdenton 1-800-263-7303
    • Hartville 1-800-746-2459
    • Lebanon 1-800-299-3164
    • Waynesville 1-800-263-4302
  2. Provide a copy of your Photo Identification
    • Driver’s license, military, passport or state issued identification card.
  3. Complete Right-of-Way Easement 
    • Must contain a complete legal description of the property
    • Signatures must be notarized
      1. Right-of-way Easement
  4. Complete Security Light Agreement (if one is desired at the location)
  5. Pay membership fee and deposit. 
  6. Meet with a Laclede Electric Staking Technician onsite
  7. Accounting Department will send an invoice
    • Member must send required paperwork and invoice payment to Laclede Electric Cooperative.
  8. Right-of-Way needs to be cleared by member
  9. After all required documentation is completed, fees and deposit are paid service will be established in your name and a Work Order will be issued to construct your new service. 
    • An inspection will be required for all temporary services converting to a permanent service.