February 17, 2018 — Laclede Electric Cooperative monitors several weather forecasting models to stay informed of any potential events which could create problems for the electric power system. Over the past couple of days some of these models are predicting a possible freezing rain event Wednesday, February 21st into Thursday, February 22nd.

“We are several days out and these models become more accurate inside a 48-72-hour timeframe,” reported CEO/General Manager, Marc Roecker. “However, some of the models are showing ice accumulation totals ranging from ¼ of an inch to nearly one-inch which could cause significant damage to the distribution system and create extended outages. Based upon this information we have our workforce on alert and are preparing should it be necessary to step into action.”

The Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (AMEC) in Jefferson City has been in contact with the National Weather Service and Laclede Electric will continue to be in contact with AMEC as well as watching the updated forecast and models throughout the weekend and into next week.

“We certainly do not want to alarm our members, but we do encourage them to keep an eye on all of our communication channels throughout the next several days” stated Mr. Roecker.


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