2019 Operation Round-Up Scholarship

2019 Criteria application(fillable)

Above is the 2019 Laclede Electric Trust, Inc. Operation Round Up® scholarship application and criteria sheet. This year’s application looks a little different and is now a PDF fillable form. The form can be handwritten or typed. We do ask that the form is signed by hand, rather than digitally. The scholarship application and the required forms accompanying it should still be returned to your school counselor’s office. For those who are home schooled, or live within our service area but attend schools elsewhere, the application may be mailed to Laclede Electric Trust, Inc., PO Box M, Lebanon, MO 65536, or dropped off at any LEC office.  We will not accept those returned by email.

Important information for this year’s scholarship program:

  1. RETURN DATE: Students should return applications to the school counselor’s office (or LEC office) by Tuesday, February 19, 2019.
  2. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Your efforts are wasted if you do not include what is required or fill the application out entirely. The criteria sheet serves as a checklist. If used as a final check-off before turning it in, you should be aware of missing information.
  3. Do not include photos or submit the applications in binders/folders, etc. However, we ask that the packet be stapled or binder clipped securely to eliminate loss of papers.
  4. The number of scholarships awarded will depend on the number of applications received and the qualifications of the applicants. There is no guaranteed number awarded. Students will be competing against those of all schools within our district, rather than competing against only those in their own school.


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