Laclede Electric Cooperative to Adopt New Rate Schedule

Laclede Electric Cooperative will implement a new rate schedule effective with bills rendered after April 20, 2018. LEC members were notified via the Cooperative’s newsletter in February and again in April. In addition, an insert was mailed with March Bills.

The change will consist of the following:

  1. All rate classifications (residential and commercial) will receive a $3.00 increase to the Service Availability Charge.
  2. Additionally, the Residential Energy Rate will be increased from $0.081 to $0.082 per kWh.

The average residential member using 1,300 kWh per month currently pays $129.30 per month. After the April 2018 increase they will pay $133.60, which is an increase of $4.30 per month or 3.3% per month.

“In late 2017, Laclede Electric completed a comprehensive rate analysis and budget review. After carefully analyzing the projections, it is necessary for the Cooperative to adjust our pricing structure,” reported CEO/General Manager, Marc Roecker. “Although our power supplier did not increase the price of wholesale power, LEC set higher peak demand (usage) values in 2017. When inserting the new demand values into the wholesale power rate structure, it will result in an increase of nearly one million dollars in our power supply costs for 2018.”

“This increase will ensure our ability to meet all financial targets and obligations, and adequately recover the cost of providing electric service to each rate classification”, continued Roecker. “The board and management stand committed to providing safe, reliable, and reasonably-priced electric service. As a not-for-profit utility, rate increases are passed along only when necessary to cover the cost of doing business, not marked up to generate a profit. We will continue to be diligent in controlling costs and remain focused on our mission of serving our members with safe, reliable and reasonably-priced electric service.”


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