Outage Reporting

You may call Laclede Electric Cooperative 24 hours a day 365 days a year at 1-800-299-3164 to report an outage. Be prepared to give as much pertinent information as possible to our dispatchers:

  •     Account Name and Telephone Number
  •     Location and Address
  •     Return Contact Phone Number
  •     The Problem and Extent

When there is a widespread power outage, the Laclede Electric Cooperative’s telephone lines may be swamped with calls and you could experience extended hold times. We answer the calls as fast as possible – one after the other. We can only ask that you keep trying and stay patient.

The electric needs of our members today are quite different from the needs of our members in 1938. Because of our numerous appliances and electric gadgets, rooms today have more outlets than ever before. Not only do we use more power, but our electronics are also more sensitive to power disruptions.

Laclede Electric Cooperative is acutely aware of the need for reliable power. Over the years, we have built a vast network of lines with redundancies that in most cases allow us to quickly provide power from different substations or main distribution lines in the event of an outage.

We strive to deliver consistent, uninterrupted service, however weather significantly affects reliability. Sometimes unexpected conditions such as wind, rain, sleet, snow or ice will cause our members to temporarily lose power. When storms or other circumstances cause an outage, we take immediate actions to restore service.

As we work as quickly as possible to get the power back on, there are some steps you can take to assist and to make it easier to cope.

First check lights and appliances in other rooms. If you still have power in some areas, most likely a fuse or a circuit breaker in your house has blown. If all lights are off, check to see if your neighbor’s lights are off also. This will help us determine how widespread the outage is. Bear in mind that just because your neighbor has power (and you do not) does not necessarily mean the problem is limited to you. Your power may be on a different feeder line.

Have a battery-powered radio available. The radio will bring you weather reports, local news bulletins, and other important emergency information. During a widespread outage, Laclede Electric Cooperative will contact local radio stations about restoration efforts.

Never touch downed power lines or anything contacting power lines. Although you may see lines that are down, they could still be energized. Never attempt to move trees from power lines. Let qualified linemen from Laclede Electric Cooperative handle the clearing and repair work.