Reading Your Bill

billpictureA) Did LEC Receive My Last Payment?
This section shows total activity since your last bill, ending with your prior balance, if any. If any of this information does not match your records, please contact the LEC office. Payments made after the last day of the month are not included.

B) How Do I Make My Payment?
Be sure to return the bottom portion of the bill with your payment.

Mail your payment in the return envelope provided OR
Pay in person at one of our four locations OR
Place your payment in the night depository at any one of our four locations.

C) Other Questions?
Answers to other frequently asked questions can be found on the back of the bill, including a change of address form.

D) New Bar Graph
This graph shows your kilowatt usage history for the past 13 months.

E) Who Do I Call If I Have Questions?
Call the phone numbers indicated or stop by any of our four convenient locations.

F) What Have I Been Billed?
A detailed list of services billed, along with appropriate taxes is provided. The previous and present meter readings, along with the KWH usage are also shown for your information.

G) What Do I Owe And When Is It Due?
The total amount due upon receipt of this bill is shown. If this amount is not paid by the penalty date indicated, a penalty will be added and the gross amount will be due.

H) Will My Service Be Disconnected If I Do Not Pay?
If your account is past due, a statement will appear indicating the amount delinquent, and that you should call our office as soon as possible.