Surge Protection

Although Laclede Electric Cooperative has extensive lightning protection built into its distribution system, uncontrolled electricity, in the form of lightning or other power surges, can damage appliances and electronic equipment you depend on. Power surges can enter your home through power and telephone lines, or even TV cable wiring when struck by lightning and can jump the switches in your appliances damaging your equipment even if the appliance is turned off.

Laclede Electric Cooperative offers a program that can prevent the damage lightning strikes and other power surges can cause. Our program involves the installation of a two-stage system to protect the home.

The first stage protects major appliances such as washing machines and installs behind the electric meter. This needs to be installed by trained technicians from Laclede Electric.

In cases where the Meterkeeper will not fit the meter base or the meter is pole-mounted away from the house, protection is still available through a panel protector wired directly into your main electrical panel box. This type of equipment will not protect small devices like computers, TV’s and answering machines.

The second stage of the program involves the use of plug-in surge suppression strips inside your home to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Most of these offer protection for a number of devices, making them perfect for home offices.

This equipment comes with a lifetime warranty, up to $25,000 in coverage, offered by the manufacturer. Laclede Electric Cooperative can only honor the manufacturer’s parts and workmanship warranty.